Water Distribution

The 19 personnel of the Distribution & Collection division work diligently to maintain the water and sewer lines of Cartersville's 28 square mile service area. The crews perform the daily preventive maintenance needed on our system such as: making sewer & water taps, renewing and upgrading services, videoing sewer lines to check for blockages, replacing old lines and maintaining a backflow prevention program. It is no secret, however, that the majority of their work is fixing leaks. Whether it's water or sewer, small or large, regardless of weather or time of day, these are the repairmen.

Terry Jordan is the Distribution & Collection System Superintendent and he can be reached at 770-387-5657.

The Water Department has a state certified laboratory and is considered one of the best municipal laboratories in Georgia. This facility does control testing and compliance monitoring for the water plant, wastewater plant and the distribution and collection system. Our highly trained technicians are individually certified by the state of Georgia. A rigorous quality control program has been established which assures accuracy and is a point of pride for our system. A state approved retreatment program is in place which helps monitor, track and regulate pollutants that might go into the sewer system. This protects the biological process in the wastewater plant as well as the quality of our biosolids for land application.

Lisa Edwards is the laboratory Superintendent and she can be reached at 770-387-5681.

Any complaints about water quality (we have very few) are handled through this office and should be directed to Lisa.