Mosquito Information

Things to Know…
  • Remember that the most effective way to prevent mosquitoes is through good housekeeping. Eliminate standing water where mosquitoes lay their eggs and places where adult mosquitoes find shelter.
  • Mosquitoes can breed in something as small as a bottle cap, so check around your home on a regular basis.
  • Larvicide is placed in areas where water stands on a continuous basis. The larvicide kills the larvae before they hatch out.
  • Adulticiding, or truck spraying, inside the City limits of Cartersville begins in mid to late spring. This method is the most expensive, yet the least effective of the three methods.
    • Mow lawn regularly
    • Remove all water holding containers from yard (buckets, cans, tires, bottles, etc.)
    • Fill in or drain low places in yard.
    • Trim shrubbery
    • Dont let water stand at base of flowerpots or in pet dishes.
    • Change water in birdbaths.
    • Clean gutters regularly
    • Turn over wading pools, wagons, wheelbarrows, etc.
    • Drain pool covers.
Other Information…
  • When outside wear light colored clothing and avoid heavily scented toiletries.
  • Avoid being outdoors when mosquitoes are most active, at dawn and dusk.
  • Use an insect repellent:
    • 10% or less DEET for children older than 5 years of age
    • No more than 30% DEET for adults
    • DEET Free repellents for children under 5 and pregnant women
  • Mosquito larvicide tablets are available at several local garden and home improvement stores for purchase for use on your private property.
  • Inside Bartow County, if you find a dead crow, blue jay or bird of prey call Bartow County Environmental Health at 770-387-2614.
  • For more information inside the City of Cartersville, call the Public Works Department at 770-387-5602, Mon.-Fri. 8 am - 4:30 pm.