Oak Hill Cemetery

Since 1838, Oak Hill Cemetery has been serving the needs of the people of Cartersville. The Cemetery was acquired in 1850 from the former Ebeneezer Methodist Church (now Sam Jones Memorial United Methodist Church) and is now owned and operated by the City of Cartersville as a perpetual care cemetery. The City of Cartersville takes great pride in the care given in each section of the cemetery.

Lot Prices
City Resident.................. $400
Non-City Resident........... $600

Special Regulations
  • Funeral Flowers will be removed after 5 days.
  • Holiday Flowers will be removed after 30 days.
  • Oak Hill Cemetery is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to flower arrangements or containers placed in the cemetery.
  • All flowers must be in proper containers and be placed on markers; none will be allowed to be stuck in the ground. Only clay, plastic or recessable type containers for flowers.
  • No poles, bird feeders, glass containers, ceramic figurines, statuary, concrete pots, toys, rocks, bricks or any other object that may be hazardous to personnel or equipment.
  • Oak Hill Cemetery reserves the right to remove flower arrangements or containers that are hazardous or badly deteriorated.
  • No permanent planting of any kind. The city will plant trees and shrubs as space allows to prevent interfering with other lots in the future.
  • No new walls shall be erected. Only existing walls may be repaired.
  • Deteriorating walls, loose brick, etc., may be repaired by the owner or removed by the city if hazardous to employees while working.
  • In the event an error is committed in the interment of the remains on any person, the city reserves the right to remove and reinter the remains in such property of equal value and similar location as may be substituted and conveyed in lieu of the mistaken property.
  • Vaults shall be required in section 16 and any additions made to the Cemetery, hereafter. You may choose a concrete box or true vault.
  • Gates at both entrances will be closed at dusk.