Agenda Items- Boards and Commissions

City Council Meeting 2-20 and 3-5-2020.

T20-01  Text Amendment to HPC Design Standards

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting 2-18-2020

Agenda      COP20-03   29 Brookland Dr.       COP20-04   308 W. Cherokee Ave.     COP20-05    39 Cassville Rd.  

COP20-06   108 W. Cherokee Ave.

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting 2-17-2020

Agenda        V20-01 REV  13 Galway Dr     V20-07   235 N Erwin St.      V20-08   323 Gilmer St.                              V20-09   11 Grandview Dr         V20-02  210 W. Main St.      V20-05  117 Postelle St.   

Planning Commission Meeting 2-11-2020 ----CANCELLED

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting 1-21-2020

Agenda      COP20-01  20 S. Wall St.        COP20-02  18 S. Erwin St.

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting 1-13-2020

Agenda        V20-01  13 Galway Dr.       V20-02  210 W. Main St.       V20-03  791 Joe Frank Harris Pkwy

V20-04  798 West Ave.     V20-05  117 Postelle St.     V20-06  20 S. Wall St.

Planning Commission Meeting 1-7-2020 ----CANCELLED

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting 12-17-19

Agenda       Memo: 13 Wall Street Microwave Dish          COP18-08Rev2   553 W Main St.         COP19-31 8 Oakland St

COP19-32  210 W. Main St          HPC Design Standards Revisions FINAL

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting 12-16-19

Agenda          V19-18  Cartersville- Bartow Co Airport          V19-19  20 Greystone Way        V20-20   Apex Dr @Hwy 411

Planning Commission Meeting 12-10-19----CANCELLED

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting 11-19-19

Agenda           COP19-30      32 W. Main St.

Planning Commission Meeting 11-12-19

Agenda       SU19-07  375 Industrial Park Rd.          Z19-05 350 N. Erwin St.          Z19-06 1136/1138 N. Tennessee St.

Planning Commission Meeting 9-10-19

Agenda       Z19-02_Etowah Preserve Phase 2_Center Rd.      Z19-02_Transportation Study       Z19-02_Traffic and School Impacts

SU19-04_Mixed Use Project_Hwy 411 and Hwy 20          SU19-06_323 N. Tennessee St._Pawn Shop/ Title Pawn.