Crowd Managers

In keeping with the adopted fire code set of the City of Cartersville, the Cartersville Fire Department requires all assembly occupancies with an occupancy load over 100 to have a minimum of one trained crown manager or supervisor. As defined in 2012 NFPA 101 an Assembly Occupancy is- An occupancy used for a gathering of 50 or more persons for deliberations, worship, entertainment, eating, drinking, amusement, awaiting transportation, or similar uses; or used as a special amusement building, regardless of occupancy load.

O.C.G.A 120-3-3 Rules and Regulations of the Safety Fire Commissioner modifications to the 2012 International Fire Code reads; Add new sections 408.2.3 and 408.2.3.1 to read as follows:

408.2.3 Crowd Managers. Assembly occupancies having occupant loads of 100 or more shall be provided with a minimum of one trained crowd manager or crowd manager supervisor. Where the occupant load exceeds 250, additional trained crowd managers or crowd manager supervisors shall be provided at a ratio of 1:250, crowd manager/supervisor to occupants, respectively, unless otherwise permitted by the following:

1. This requirement shall not apply to assembly occupancies used exclusively for religious worship with an occupant load not exceeding 2000.

2. With the exception of assembly occupancies noted above where alcoholic beverages are consumed, the ratio of trained crowd managers to occupants shall be permitted to be reduced where, in the opinion of the authority having jurisdiction, the existence of an approved, supervised sprinkler system and the nature of the event warrant

An approved online Crowd Manager Trainer Course can be found here:

A copy of all Crowd Manager Training Course completion certificates must be sent to Cartersville Fire Prevention Office to be added to the database. Acceptable methods of delivery are by mail, email or fax.

By Post: Cartersville Fire Department, P.O. Box 1390 Cartersville, GA 30120

By email:

By fax: (770) 387-7413

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