Recreation Advisory Board


  • Dellinger Park Office 
  • March 25, June 10, September 16, December 16
  • 11 am
Meetings are open to the public.


  • Tommy Hall
  • Kathy Hays
  • Joy Hill
  • Patrick Jones
  • Rick Kollhoff
  • Ty Mitcham
  • Brian Thomas


The purpose of the Recreation Advisory Board is to:
  • Cultivate & encourage recreational & leisure needs for all citizens of the City of Cartersville;
  • Study, review, & formulate recommendations to help alleviate problems concerning the recreational activities in the city;
  • Pursue efforts to improve recreational activities among all citizens of the city;
  • Enlist the cooperation of community, religious, professional, civic, labor and business organizations and other identifiable groups within the city in programs and campaigns devoted to the improvements of recreational opportunities