In April of 2005, due to persistent issues with stormwater related problems in our community and increasingly stringent mandates from the federal and state governments, the City of Cartersville convened a committee of 23 community representatives to examine the current stormwater issue and recommend a plan of action. After a long series of meetings and discussions, the Stormwater Advisory Committee (SAC) made several recommendations:
  • Establish a separate Stormwater Utility to fund the stormwater program
  • Establish a fee scale which reflects individual customers level of impact on stormwater runoff
  • Maintain low impact fees with regards to stormwater
  • Supplement funding for stormwater projects through the use of SPLOST and moderate fees on new development
  • Establish credits for non-residential entities which meet certain stormwater mitigation criteria
As a result of the SAC, the new Stormwater utility was launched in February 2007 and has been operational since.