You can contact us at 770-607-6380 or by sending us an email.

FiberCom’s high speed Internet, point to multipoint metro IP based Intranet, and business voice services are designed to be completely personable, locally accountable, formed to local customer requirements, with quicker installations and repairs plus the customer’s ability to discuss any issue one on one with upper management. NO other communication vendor today offers this type of customer service.

We are a part of the Cartersville community and easy to do business with. Not only does FiberCom provide 24/7 customer service, but we also have the ability to combine your phone and internet bill with your city utility bill. To make it even easier, you can pay your bill online as well.

We have experience with many local banks, insurance agencies and medical centers. We understand the complexities of the physician’s offices, manufacturing plants, major car dealerships, local churches, right down to the small business owner.

Our services include:

Internet Service
FiberCom has 100 miles of fiber in Bartow County and in some cases, depending on where your business is located, can provide fiber to the premise. Our network is extremely reliable, fast, secure and we provide 24/7 customer support.

Metro Ethernet
If you have multiple locations within the city that you need connectivity to, we can provide point-to-point DS1’s or Metro Ethernet service via fiber. (Depending on your location)