Water Department

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2019 CCR Water Report

The City of Cartersville Water Department began with the purchase of the then privately owned Cartersville Water Works Company in May of 1893. The Water Department has come a long way in the last 100 years. The original water supply was a large spring on the north side of the Etowah River next to the Thompson Weinman Dam. The facilities consisted of two steam driven pumps, several miles of pipe and a 125,000 gallon water tank. Now the system obtains its water from Lake Allatoona, a Corps of Engineers lake.

Water is taken from one of three elevations on the face of Lake Allatoona Dam and it flows by gravity to the Clarence B. Walker Water Treatment Plant. The water is treated to drinking water quality by state certified operators 365 days a year. The water is then pumped out of this facility to the consumers thru 237 miles of distribution lines. The spent water of the community is collected in over 170 miles of sewer lines and it is transported to the Water Pollution Control Plant. There the waste water is treated to meet water quality standards set by the Environmental Protection Division of the state of Georgia before it is discharged to the Etowah River.