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Construction of the Cartersville Gas System (CGS) began in 1953, with the first service being the home of Dollie Cope at 113 Maybelle Street on May 5, 1954.

  • Today the system consists of more than 315 miles of distribution mains, serving more than 10,000 customers.
  • The system transported and delivered more than 3.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas in 2007.
  • The system was built for an initial cost of $1.1 million, nearly fifty years ago.
  • Revenue generated, by the Cartersville Gas System, helps fund other city services such as police, fire, and recreation departments.
Cartersville Gas has historically offered competitive natural gas rates, when compared to other suppliers. 

The Gas Advantage Home Program is offered to those constructing new homes.

Cartersville is one of the 85 cities in Georgia that owns and operates a municipal natural gas system, being the fifth largest system in the state. Today, the system delivers clean, efficient natural gas to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Cartersville, Cassville, Kingston, White and the Dykes Creek area of Floyd County.

Natural gas has many more applications than just residential fuel. Industry depends on natural gas as its most economical and cleanest fuel and it is also used as a raw material in the manufacture of paints, explosives, fertilizers, plastics, and medicines, to name a few. In fact, natural gas provides for almost one-third of our total energy needs and is the single largest source of energy produced and consumed in the United States.

The Cartersville Gas System stands ready to provide the natural gas service necessary to support continued residential, commercial and industrial growth in Cartersville and Bartow County.