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As the hometown power provider to the city of Cartersville since 1904, Cartersville Electric System provides electrical service to customers throughout the City and into portions of Bartow County. The City is a member of MEAGPower (Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia) and a member of The Energy Authority (TEA), in which the City owns generation capacity from five power plants and a portion of the state-wide transmission grid and substation network. Power sources for the City include coal, nuclear, natural gas and hydroelectric power. This varied ownership through multiple power sources provides the City with competitively priced wholesale electricity, which in turn is passed on to the customer.

Along with providing the city of Cartersville with energy, the Electric System provides outdoor lighting, surge protection and energy audits to residential customers. The department also provides a Key Accounts Program to assist the commercial and industrial customers with efficiency design, process solutions, power quality analysis, outdoor lighting and detailed energy audits. This program is designed to enhance communication with the commercial and industrial customers and build better partnerships as corporate citizens.

The Mayor and City Council serve as the Electric System’s Board of Directors. Revenue transfers made by the Cartersville Electric System to the City’s General Fund help provide services such as fire and police protection, roads, parks and other recreation venues to the City of Cartersville, all while helping to keep taxes low.

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