The City of Cartersville’s Stormwater Utility provides funding for our Stormwater Program. The Stormwater Program is responsible for the management of issues related to the drainage of stormwater runoff including:

  • Construction and maintenance of stormwater infrastructure
  • Sediment and erosion control
  • Mitigation of flooding
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of stormwater runoff
  • Street sweeping
  • Public education
  • Compliance monitoring and enforcement
Managing stormwater is an important part of keeping our water supply clean and keeping our community safe from the dangers of flooding and its associated problems.


Single-family residential rates are based on the amount of impervious surface (roof, patio, driveway, etc.) on the property. There are two tiers: properties with less than or equal to 3000 square feet of impervious surface, and properties with greater than 3000 square feet of impervious surface. The current rates are:

Less than or equal to 3000 square feet of impervious surface: $3.75/month
Greater than 3000 square feet of impervious surface: $5.25/month
For non-single-family residential properties (multi-family, commercial, industrial, government, and churches), rates are assessed per 3000 square feet of impervious surface.
Every 3000 square feet of impervious surface: $3.75/month


Non-single family residential property owners can apply for credits to reduce the amount of their bill. These credits are based on the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual. For a listing and description of the credits and application forms, please see the City of Cartersville Stormwater Utility Service Charge Credit Technical Manual. Credits will not be automatic. You will have to apply.

The credits are for activities that improve water quality or reduce the cost to the City by providing stormwater detention, flood control, and erosion control. The following is a brief list.
  • Green Space/Water Quality Credit 15%
  • Channel Protection Credit 15%
  • Overbank Flood Protection Credit 15%
  • Extreme Flood Protection Credit 15%
There is also a 50% credit for educational institutions that include water quality education in their curriculum. This is only available to schools that teach grades 1 - 12.