City Clerk

Julia Drake is the City Clerk and the official record keeper for the City of Cartersville. The City Clerk is appointed by the Mayor and City Council.

The City Clerk...
  • Records the official actions in minutes for all city boards including City Council, Alcohol Control, Planning Commission, and Zoning Appeals.
  • Maintains all Ordinances and Resolutions issued by the Mayor and Council Maintains all contracts and agreements
  • Prepares and processes correspondence and reports
  • Records cemetery deeds
  • Issues all business, occupation, and all other licenses required by the ordinances or regulations of the city.
  • Receiver and tax collector for the City and keeps correct digests of all returns and assessments
  • Custodian of the City Seal
  • Responsible for conducting Municipal Elections
  • Collection agent of all City funds
  • Certifies any and all documents, attach the corporate seal of the city
  • Serves as a communication link between citizens, elected officials, and the city staff.