In every type of investigation the input received from the public is crucial in solving the case. This information may be a tip on who committed a robbery, theft, the location of a drug house or a host of other information. Unfortunately, a tip does not always mean closure to a particular investigation, however, it can be a crucial piece of information that may lead to an arrest and conviction. We have developed a tip page in an attempt to receive information from anyone who prefers to remain anonymous, or does not want to talk on the phone, or for someone who simply prefers the internet as a means of communication. If you have information concerning a specific crime or information relating to suspected Criminal Activity, click on the link below to send it to the Cartersville Police Department. We appreciate as much information as you can supply. An offender description, vehicle description, house description and all other related information is crucial in solving a particular crime being investigated. The more information supplied results in an increased chance in closure of the case. Once again, thank you in advance for the information you supply. 
Email the Police Department

Areas of Concern
Some of the main areas of concern at this time are:
  • Drug Activity
  • Entering Autos
  • A $10,000 Reward is still active in the murder of Patricia Hanlon in July of 2000
  • Any activity that could be construed as a hindrance to Homeland Security