Drug Investigations

The Cartersville Police Department has adopted a "zero tolerance" attitude in enforcing drug violations. It is the opinion of the Cartersville Police Department that most crimes (forgery, assault, etc.) are directly related to drug offenders. The Cartersville Police Department takes an aggressive approach on asset forfeitures against those offenders who are charged with selling drugs. These assets are then used against the drug offenders after adjudication of the case.

Since the inception of the Bartow-Cartersville Drug Task Force, the Cartersville Police Department has employed an aggressive approach towards the enforcement of Drug Crimes. Time and again it is proven that the majority of all crimes against persons and property are drug related.
Questions or Concerns About Drug Violations? 
 Maj. Jeffrey S. Dalman

If a store is robbed at gunpoint or a home is burglarized, the motive for these crimes can easily be traced to illegal drugs. How? The most common motive involves the offenders needing money to buy illegal drugs or pay outstanding drug debts. Often during the execution of Drug Search Warrants, Officers seize stolen property from thefts and burglaries. It is very common for drug users to trade merchandise in exchange for illegal drugs.
We realize that Drug Enforcement is a key factor in controlling crime rates. Our Drug Task Force works closely with all surrounding agencies (local, state and federal). Working together or networking with other agencies is critical to effective Drug Enforcement. We, as Law Enforcement professionals, realize that our efforts are more successful if we work together as a team.