Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) of the Cartersville Police Department is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses which occur in the City of Cartersville.

The C.I.D. Commander is responsible for distributing cases to an Investigator. Each Investigator in the division has numerous cases which are prioritized based on the severity of the crime and additional factors. One example of a determining factor is solvability, which takes in to account the nature of the crime and how recently the crime occurred. Each Investigator is responsible for working each case diligently until successfully completed.

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of one Sergeant, five Investigators and one Secretary. The C.I.D. Commander has the overall responsibility for the operation of this division. The Cartersville Police Criminal Investigations Division has personnel working varying schedules depending on workload. Investigators stay one step ahead in their police work through training, the use of the latest technology and equipment, and by approaching every crime scene with the intention of a speedy and successful resolution.