School Resource Officer

    Another important element of the Uniform Division is its School Resource Officer (SRO). Currently the SRO assigned to Cartersville High School is Corporal J.C. Lusian. Corporal Lusian is a uniformed officer whose assignment is to help ensure that the student's of Cartersville High School have an atmosphere that is conducive to a good education, eliminating distractions that may hamper students in their ability to learn. Corporal Lusian is also responsible for making charges and/or arrests if the situation dictates, that which is necessary to maintain order. The SRO is also considered an asset to the school's administration in that they are also instructors in the area of Drug and Alcohol Awareness. Corporal  D.S. Veiga is the SRO assigned to Cartersville Middle School. His assignments with the Middle School mirror those of the high School SRO.
Corporal D.S. Veiga
Corporal J.C. Lusian