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1. What are the Dellinger Park office hours?
2. What are the Dellinger Park hours?
3. What is the practice/game cancellation line number?
4. Do I need a birth certificate at time of registration?
5. Are pets allowed in park facilities?
6. Is camping allowed in park facilities?
7. Are athletic fields open for use by the general public?
8. How do I register for a program/recreation class?
9. Does the City of Cartersville rent rooms for weddings, parties, and business meetings?
10. Do you offer a Parents Night Out program?
11. How do I reserve a park shelter?
12. How many picnic tables are available to use at the park shelters at Dellinger Park?
13. Can alcohol beverages be consumed in the City of Cartersville Parks?
14. What are the hours and rates for Dellinger Park Pool?
15. What are the hours and rates for Aubrey Street Pool?
16. How do I report an irrigation or maintenance problem in a park?
17. Who do I contact for an item that was left in a Parks and Recreation park or facility?