Agenda Items- Boards and Commissions

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting 11-17-2020. 5:30pm

Agenda     COP19-32 REV2  210 W Main St       COP20-29    25 South Ave    COP20-30  12 Luckie St    COP20-31  23 Etowah Dr.

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting  11-16-2020

Agenda      V20-28  Mockingbird Drive        V20-29     109 Summit St.       V20-30  Lots 51-62 Calloway Lane

Planning Commission Meeting 11-10-2020

Agenda        Z20-04  Multi-family rezoning Parcel ID C108-0002-003.                                                                      Preliminary Plat review for Parkside at Carter Grove subdivision

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting 10-20-2020---CANCELLED (NO AGENDA ITEMS)

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting  10-12-2020---CANCELLED (NO AGENDA ITEMS)

Planning Commission Meeting 10-6-2020---CANCELLED (NO AGENDA ITEMS)

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting  9-21-2020

Agenda     V20-20 REV1  336 S. Tennessee St.    V20-20 REV1 site plans     V20-25   9 Fite St.     V20-26  630 JFH Pkwy      V20-27 9 Akron St.

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting 9-15-2020. 5:30pm

Agenda     COP20-06 REV3  DBD Parking Deck     COP20-20 REV1  120 S. Erwin St.     COP20-24  213 W. Main St.     COP20-25  104 Fite St.     COP20-26  16 Walker St.     COP20-27   20 Walker St.

Planning Commission Meeting 9-8-2020

Agenda    SU20-02  416 S. Tennessee St.     Prelim Plat Bates Rd.     Prelim Plat Supporting Documentation

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting 8-18-2020. 5:30pm (In person)

Agenda   COP20-20  120 S. Erwin St.   COP20-22  13 N. Wall St.   COP20-22 Preservation Brief #1   COP20-23  405 West Ave.    COP19-32  REV1   210 W. Main St (Fence)      COP20-06 Part2 W. Main St. Parking Deck

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting  8-17-2020 (In person)

Agenda       V20-19 11 Galway Dr.       V20-20 336 S. Tennessee St.     V20-21 Calloway Lane (Victoria Village Subdiv)      V20-22 602 S. Tennessee St.        V20-23 33 Bob White Trail     V20-24 426 E. Airport Dr.

Planning Commission Meeting 8-11-2020 (In person)

Agenda     AZ20-03 Faith Lane Annexation     Z20-03 175 Main Street Market Place Rezoning      AZ20-04 Annexation 1.95ac (Associated with Z20-03)