Jayce Stepp

Name: Jayce Stepp
Ward: 2
Bio: Jayce Stepp is a graduate of Cartersville High School. An avid golfer with a scholarship led him to Augusta State University where he received a BA in Marketing. Jayce is married to the former Erin Cown. Jayce and Erin have a son, Barrett, and are members of Sam Jones Memorial United Methodist Church. Jayce is an Insurance Consultant, with The Benefit Planning Group, a family business and a member of the Cartersville Rotary Club.

He was born and raised in Cartersville living most of his life in the neighborhoods of Ward 2. After college Jayce chose to come back to Cartersville and raise his family in the only town he calls home. He knows we must work now so that our children and grandchildren can grow up in the same great community that he has known all his life. Cartersville has changed over the years, and more change is yet to come. As we look ahead, Jayce knows we must make wise choices for long term community development, being fiscally responsible to the taxpayers. We must recruit new jobs and industry, work to preserve our heritage and seek innovative solutions to relieve our growing traffic problems. A sound infrastructure must be maintained and we must always strive for excellence in education.
Email Jstepp@gmail.com