Strategic Plan

City/County Cooperation

Support and encourage ongoing City/County initiatives with the goal of maximum benefits at the most reasonable cost.


All City Council decisions will include analysis of financial/budget input and evaluation of privatization of services and facilities. All City operations and facilities will, where practical, be funded by user fees limiting crossover subsidy from other City funds and operations.

Recreational/Leisure Opportunities

The City will provide programs and well-maintained facilities for its populace. It will seek cooperation with private, religious, non-profit and community-based organizations to provide the most benefits.

Regional Cooperation

The City recognizes its interdependency with surrounding areas.
It will actively work with these surrounding entities for mutually beneficial solutions to improve the quality of life.


Encourage use and restoration of existing commercial and residential properties to preserve Cartersville’s appearance, improve blighted areas, and better use valuable properties.

Land Use Planning

Cartersville will develop land-use policies that combine beauty and functionality and that enhance and protect the historic and natural areas.


Cartersville is committed to the development and implementation of a transportation plan, in cooperation with local, state, and federal authorities to ensure safe, efficient movement of people and commerce in and around its community.


Cartersville encourages the development of tourism to establish its community as a destination for visitors seeking a variety of recreational, historical and cultural opportunities.

Economic Development

Cartersville is committed to a positive business and industrial environment that nurtures quality opportunities for its citizens.


Infrastructure Systems within the City of Cartersville are developed and maintained to complement affordable and sustainable growth. These systems embrace “cutting edge” technologies that allow ease of operation and use.


Cartersville is a community that expects to maintain educational systems second to none that will provide life-long learning opportunities, technical education, college, and continuing education for all its citizens.